A Reviewer Makes a Movie

I know we are advertised as reviewers, but I felt the urge to share with you my latest creation. I am a slightly paranoid fellow and once my dad left his keys in the unlocked front door for me to find at 3 in the morning a few years ago, I’m never sure about the door being locked. I figure that if my dad is that forgetful, I’ve got a good chance that my ADHD mind will be just as forgetful.

As my past posts may have suggested, I am in love with the horror genre. So it is no surprise that my short film will lean toward that type of mood. I am most certainly still a novice when it comes to making a seamless and compelling piece of cinematic fiction, but I like to think that practice makes perfect.

To be honest, I’m just always excited to show off my progress in my favorite activity which I hope to one day have a career in. I am, of course, eager to share it with readers here on WordPress because I have been greeted with a constructive and warm audience. I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this. I am always open for advice.