A Reviewer Makes a Movie

I know we are advertised as reviewers, but I felt the urge to share with you my latest creation. I am a slightly paranoid fellow and once my dad left his keys in the unlocked front door for me to find at 3 in the morning a few years ago, I’m never sure about the door being locked. I figure that if my dad is that forgetful, I’ve got a good chance that my ADHD mind will be just as forgetful.

As my past posts may have suggested, I am in love with the horror genre. So it is no surprise that my short film will lean toward that type of mood. I am most certainly still a novice when it comes to making a seamless and compelling piece of cinematic fiction, but I like to think that practice makes perfect.

To be honest, I’m just always excited to show off my progress in my favorite activity which I hope to one day have a career in. I am, of course, eager to share it with readers here on WordPress because I have been greeted with a constructive and warm audience. I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this. I am always open for advice.


ImageBased on the true story of Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane trying to create a World Series capable team out of the lowest budget in all of Major League Baseball, Moneyball is one of the few great classic sports movies around.

Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, is in a tough spot.  He tries to compete with all Major League Baseball for the World Series title but does not have a budget comparable to any of the big name teams.  Everything seems to just continue on like baseball always has, if you don’t have enough of a budget, you cannot get good players.  Until Peter Brand, played by Jonah Hill, comes along.  Brand teams up with Beane to create a recruiting tool based on a computer-generated analysis system.  They faced opposition from almost everyone when trying to build this team using a system that broke the normal for baseball recruiting, but it worked for them.

Moneyball was a movie that I enjoyed watching.  The acting was great, and I even enjoyed Jonah Hill stepping away from his usual comedian role and taking a more series character.  It captivated my attention from the start and kept it throughout.  It was not a typical “sports action” movie.  This movie focused primarily on the storyline and behind the scenes action of managing the Oakland A’s, but the plot and storyline held me through the entire movie.  It was definitely a 9 out of 10, check this one out next time you are looking for a movie to watch!

Sequels Sometimes A Bad Thing

I wanted to vent about the problem with sequels. We get excited when we find out an awesome movie’s story is going to be continued in a sequel, but, more often than not, we leave the theater feeling disappointed. If the sequel is not disappointing, it may spawn a franchise which just starts to get more annoying as it grows bigger and bigger.

After posting my review of Scream, I watched the next two movies in the series and only found myself wanting to watch the first one again. Watching the Scream 3 especially made me miss the characters from the original. Yes, Scream 2 and Scream 3  add interesting storylines to the series, especially the third one, but I can’t help but think the original would have been just fine as a standalone film. Some things don’t need to be answered and just left up for discussion amongst the audience.

The Saw franchise is a perfect example of this. As the director, James Wan, points out, there was minimal gore in the first one with a focus on the plot and the way it was presented to create the high tension a viewer feels when first watching the movie. It was original and thought provoking. The sequels only seemed to try and repeat what the first had done and that’s an impossible feat for any sequel. Like Scream, it was a refreshing, new, instant classic that was fine as a standalone film.

While there are some sequels that became rare exceptions, most filmmakers should consider taking the short story approach to their movies: leave some questions unanswered. Some questions in the original go unanswered because only the most talented writers can answer those questions well. Even so, a movie is much more interesting with questions left to be answered by the viewer.

Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen was a pretty good movie that I enjoyed watching.  It had a few downfalls, but overall a great plot that kept me attentive and entertained.

The plot was centered around a former Secret Service Agent who found himself trapped inside the White House during a hostage attack on the President of the United States.  Played by Gerard Butler, Mike Banning becomes the only hope the President has of getting out of the White House alive.

I won’t spoil too much of this movie for you, but one of the major downfalls I saw in it was the fact that it had way too much of the classic, down to the wire, predictable action.  Yes, I know that this was supposed to be a suspenseful action movie, but when it becomes too predictable I start to lose interest.  I knew almost everything that was going to happen and it was a typical action packed movie that everything came down to the final 3 seconds and then the hero saves the day.  I am all for a good action movie, but the directors needed to cut down on the predictable-ness of this one.

With that being said, Olympus Has Fallen was still a great movie that is definitely worth your time to watch.  It was action packed and had a great plot that kept me interested.  Just be ready to predict everything that is going to happen because it follows suit in all the other action movies you have already seen.